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Consult URD 2021/22

International & Growth

The firm’s development priority from now on will be to accelerate the growth of its international activities and to capture new large international clients, in sustained growth, both French and more importantly non-French. This will be the priority in terms of sales, mobilization of skills, and growth investments (marketing, recruitment, human resources). The acquisition program will be accelerated, in particular in the target geographic areas: the United States, the United Kingdom and, in a more mid-term vision, Asia. And if a transforming acquisition opportunity arises, we will seize it.

Expertise & Value

As they rethink their businesses, our clients have expressed one key expectation to us: expertise. This expectation is in line with the core aspiration of the talent who join Wavestone: to rapidly develop their knowledge and bring constantly more value.

The priority themes will be the key issues of the coming years: cybersecurity, data, artificial intelligence, new digital business models and sustainable development. Sustainable development will be the subject of a particular investment in order to rapidly build a top-level capability within the firm. The objective is to offer our clients a “360°” value proposition that closely combines business, technology and sustainable development skills.

The Positive Way

“The Positive Way” is the name of the value base on which Wavestone is founded: Client satisfaction and support for sustainable performance, Employee development and commitment, Responsibility and ethics, which make Wavestone a good corporate citizen, and Collective mindset, the most distinctive value of Wavestone in the consulting market. The firm will strive to cultivate these essential values, the roots and glue of the teams that bind the Wavestone teams together, in order to better meet the challenge of growth, acquisitions and international expansion, while remaining true to itself.

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