Nomadéis: Meeting the Challenges of Sustainable Development

Cédric Baecher

Nicolas Dutreix

Cédric Baecher and Nicolas Dutreix, co-founders of Nomadéis, tell the story of the firm and the joint project with Wavestone on sustainability.

Cédric, Nicolas, can you tell us the story of Nomadéis?

Cédric: Nomadéis is an entrepreneurial adventure that began 20 years ago. Nicolas and I founded the firm in 2002, after our studies at ESSEC and a one-year world tour on the theme of water and sustainable cities supported by Veolia and UNESCO. We were convinced that it was essential to develop new skills and expertise, but also new tools to decrypt local sustainable development issues.

Nicolas: In 20 years, Nomadéis has established itself as a key player in the support of the energy, ecological and solidarity transition. We have carried out more than 700 engagements in 70 countries, on behalf of 250 clients: companies, professional organizations, French and international institutions and public authorities, and social and solidarity economy actors.

Cédric: Nomadéis is also recognized in its field thanks to the quality and professionalism of its team, which is composed of consultants with top-level degrees in economics and management, political science, environmental engineering, etc. Our understanding of global and local sustainable development issues is nourished daily by numerous interactions with actors and decision-makers with diverse profiles, as close as possible to the field and to practical and operational realities.

What are your key areas of expertise?

Nicolas: Our areas of expertise include key topics such as the bioeconomy, sustainable cities, energy and climate, water and natural resources, transportation and mobility, health and environmental protection.

These areas of expertise are interconnected and allow us to organize our resources in the best possible way to meet the multiple challenges of our clients.

Cédric: We attach great importance to a cross-disciplinary approach to the challenges of the energy and ecological transition. Beyond the missions we are assigned, we also regularly develop innovation projects and programs mobilizing consortia of partners to mobilize collective intelligence and develop concrete solutions for the transition.

Do you have an example of an assignment to share?

Nicolas: A few concrete examples: we are currently supporting several real estate developers in defining their trajectories in terms of decarbonization and preservation of natural resources. We support major industrial players like TotalEnergies in developing new sustainable offerings. In the public sector, we are involved in several engagements to evaluate and revise atmospheric protection plans across France.

What is the common ambition of Nomadéis and Wavestone in the sustainability field?

Cédric: We are very excited to take this next step in our entrepreneurial adventure, and we are convinced that joining forces with Wavestone is the best solution, for several reasons.

First, because environmental and digital transitions are highly interconnected, both in terms of impact and solutions.

Secondly, because CSR skills need to be combined with first-class sector expertise and also experience in large transformation projects.

Finally, because our clients will increasingly need to rely on an integrated operating model, leveraging interdisciplinarity and international reach.

Nicolas: Wavestone’s new sustainability activity will focus mainly on climate change, biodiversity and the protection of natural resources. Our objective is to support our clients in defining, managing and above all implementing their sustainability roadmap, considering market needs and human challenges, but also operational risks on organizations, tools and processes.

Our intervention can cover strategic planning, operational implementation and transformation support.

We really want to have a major impact and change scale, in our ability to respond to critical market needs.

Cédric: This is a value proposition that is already finding favor with our joint clients. As soon as we announced our merger, we were contacted by several major accounts to promote the many synergies between Wavestone and Nomadéis, in the context of very concrete business projects.

The Positive Economy Institute: a long-standing partnership with Nomadéis

Nomadéis and the Positive Economy Institute, whose role is to assist governments, territories and businesses in their transition to sustainable and positive growth, have been partners for many years. Together, they have been working with several clients to assess their positive performance, in the service of an economy that is more respectful of the interests of future generations.