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With an overall maturity score of 49% in 2023, corporate cybersecurity efforts are showing strong promise.

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The CISO Radar deciphers security global trends for 2023.

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Wavestone’s UK Cyber Radar provides its own perspective of the emerging themes and trends arising in the UK Cyber Sector and to take the pulse of the UK’s Cyber Security ecosystem.

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The key trends, challenges and solutions in the cybersecurity space today

Identity and Access Management: keys to a successful transformation programme

Discover why many organisation face difficulties transforming their Identity and Access Management (IAM) ecosystem, and how IAM programmes should be approached and structured.

Identity and Access Management: back in the spotlight

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is once again at the centre of major transformation programmes. Discover why the concept of identity back in the spotlight?

Identity Control Tower Model: Creating a Seamless and Secure User Experience

With remote working and digital interactions becoming so important, it is essential for businesses to offer a seamless yet secure user experience. Discover how this can be achieved by employing an Identity Control Tower model.

2019 UK Cybersecurity Start-Up Radar

Discover our 2019 market analysis and the latest trends for the UK’s cybersecurity start-up landscape.

Cyber Security Connect UK: Security in 2025

Wavestone presented it’s expert view on what security will look like in 2025 at the recent CyberSecurity Connect UK conference.

Cyber-Resilience Lessons Learned: The Latest UK Developments

Disruptive global cybersecurity attacks have driven organisations to become increasingly cyber-resilient. Learn how the UK market is adapting in response and how organisations are preparing for future attacks.

2018-Cybersecurity-Start-Up Radar featured image

2018 UK Cybersecurity Start-Up Radar

Wavestone has created the 2018 UK cybersecurity start-up radar to capture the evolving UK cybersecurity market and the start-ups driving it forward.


2017 UK Cybersecurity Startup Radar

We have been working with various organisations to provide advice and on-going support to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks. Here is our summary of the lessons that can be learnt from this ransomware attack.

Identity and Access Management

7 drivers transforming Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM is developing at a fast pace as a result of new technology developments, digital transformation and the evolving cyber threats. This insight discusses the 7 key drivers transforming IAM in more detail.

4 key cybersecurity lessons

4 key cybersecurity lessons to learn from the WannaCry ransomware attack

We have been working with various organisations to provide advice and on-going support to mitigate the risks of cyber attacks. Here is our summary of the lessons that can be learnt from this ransomware attack.

next generation cybersecurity model

What is the next generation cybersecurity model?

Cloud-based services, digital transformation and open systems are placing ever greater demands on cybersecurity professionals. As a result, we need to evolve beyond traditional models (Castle/Fortress and Airport) towards a next generation cybersecurity model referred to as the “Airline” model.

Identity Access Governance

Identity and Access Governance: finally providing identity management eyes and ears on the ground?

Successfully addressing IAM can bring many benefits but its implementation often faces many challenges. Could Identity and Access Governance (IAG) provide the answer and assure the success of IAM projects?

GDPR implications

How to address the major GDPR implications? Our key guidelines

In this insight, we identify the major GDPR implications and provide key guidelines with practical actions to achieve GDPR compliance.

secure by design cybersecurity

Secure by design: taking a strategic approach to cybersecurity

The insight discusses the current cybersecurity ecosystem and the need for a ‘Cybersecurity Domain Specialist’. It also provides advice for organisations on how to initiate a secure by design cybersecurity approach across all business processes, products and services.