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Designing a target operating model and transition

Find out how we helped our client crystallize their vision for the new operating model and identify areas for strategic improvement

Implementing a CX measurement framework

Read our client story to find out how we supported a global pharma company to implement and establish robust process around a Voice of the Customer measurement platform

Cybersecurity Remediation for global bank

Learn more about how Wavestone’s expertise in Cyber Remediation supported a global bank to remain resilient to changing governance standards.

Enabling a global manufacturing organisation to understand the ‘True TCO’ of IT decisions

Read how we helped global manufacturing firm to truly understand and showcase their ESG contributions

The Great Migration

Our client encountered challenges pertaining to service management and operational efficiency while dealing with their past supplier. Subsequently, there were contractual disputes, requiring their migration from the incumbent data centre to a new hybrid managed cloud solution. Our client needed to complete this transition within a constrained timeframe. Because of this tight deadline, they requested Wavestone to support this transition, to ensure the transition was executed efficiently.

Setting the Stones for an EU Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles

DG Connect made a decisive move to develop and launch a European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles for the Digital Decade.

Retail Inflation texte

Data Management and Architecture to Drive Retail Revenue

Wavestone bring practical, real-world experience and can aid you in navigating through organizational obstacles to help drive real change through solid Data Management, Architecture, and Ecosystem delivery.

L’Oréal monetizes its haircare professional education offer

L’Oréal’s objective: to be recognised as the benchmark training academy for hairdressing professionals, and to make this offering a new source of value for the division by monetising it.