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Ensuring compliance with EFPIA’s transparency requirements for a pharmaceutical company

Pharmaceutical laboratories develop in a strictly regulated environment. According to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), they must publish, in the public domain, any high-value transactions to health professionals or organizations.

Reducing cycle length in nuclear engineering design processes for the world leader in energy

The Engineering Division of global energy leader, EDF, launched an initiative among its business entities to demonstrate (through concrete results) Lean efficiency in its design activity and begin the process of wider roll-out of the approach.

Imagining the customer experience of the future by setting creativity free!

The rapid expansion of digital is turning the private banking sector upside down, and the competition is intensifying. For the sector’s players, adopting a digital strategy is becoming paramount.

Design of the “customer experience” team of one of the leading european gambling and entertainment games companies

Our client, one of the leading European gambling and entertainment games companies, accelerated its transformation and identified customer experience as a priority of its strategic plan.

Supporting the merger of two social landlords

In 2016, two social landlords attached to the urban area of Poitiers decided to merge into a single entity with OPH (public housing office) status.

A supply chain management (SCM) skills assessment for a major luxury-goods player and the definition of a training program for its logistics teams

Breakdowns at several sites involved in supply chain activities for this major luxury-goods player and a lack of awareness of activities between departments were limiting the overall performance of logistics teams.

Transforming an African bank into a thoroughly digital and multichannel player

Africa’s banking sector is undergoing a transformation, driven by strong multichannel-sales needs and the digitalization of customer relations

Managed Daily Banking Remediation Activities to Ensure Alignment with Regulatory Mandates

In preparation for a federal regulatory request for a 90-day OFAC Compliance Review, a financial institution requested Wavestone to prepare for the arrival of the regulator-appointed Independent Consultant (‘IC’)…