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France’s leading hotel group Accor accelerates its sustainable transformation

To meet the growing demand for sustainable and responsible travel options, the Group has put in place an ambitious plan to transform mindsets, create a new vision of performance and provide concrete solutions.

KEDGE Business School: a policy geared towards carbon neutrality

The school has decided to take action and to decarbonize its activities as part of the Act for the planet pillar of its KEDGE IMPAKT strategy.

digital transformation for insurance industry

Fortune 500 BRM Capabilities Implementation

Wavestone developed a Global Data Governance framework, business case, operating model, and roadmaps, as well as updated data policies, standards and processes, and a Change Management plan to promote engagement.

Harnessing The Power Of A Design Sprint To Drive Innovation & Business Growth

Harnessing the power of a Design Sprint to drive innovation & business growth

Explore the impact of design sprint on business growth with a real-life case study. See how we helped our client achieved success.

Driving Business Agility In Supply Chain Management

Driving business agility in supply-chain management

Read about the work we did with our client, who is in the sports apparel business to improve their supply chain management with agile

How Agile Helped This Luxury Brand Stay Competitive

How Agile helped this luxury brand stay competitive

Learn how we used Agile to help this luxury brands remain competitive by regularly creating value for their customers and stakeholders

Organisation Transformation Using Agile And Customer Centricity

Organisation transformation using Agile and Customer centricity

Read our case study on a large digital organisation transformation program conducted by our teams for a global airlines company using agile way of working.

Innovate Digital Applications To Face New Competition

Innovate Digital Applications to face new competition

Read our case study on how a leading transport company used Design thinking and business agility to accelerate & innovate the delivery of digital products.