Our client is a player in the automotive industry with a global presence, and manages upstream multimodal transport to its various plants on several continents. The current processes rely on various computing systems, making it impossible to have an end-to-end view within the Upstream Supply Chain.

In order to obtain this view and improve operational performance, our client decided to launch a project to overhaul and converge these processes, along with replacing the Transport Management System.


Wavestone was asked to take stock of the current situation and define new processes. This step was essential in order to develop the specifications for the next Transport Management System and, more generally, to launch the transformation project.

The challenge was to build target processes meeting several operational and economic models, in order to steer this process with all internal and external partners, all supported by the same technical solution.

Key success factors

The success of this mission lay in the participatory methodology used by Wavestone: by mobilizing the client’s teams throughout the project, the expectations of the various impacted business lines could be identified and integrated. In addition, this co-creation approach made it easier for everyone to adhere to the new target:

  • On the one hand, the strategic vision; developed and validated with key managers of the client’s Supply Chain
  • On the other hand, the target processes, for which thematic workshops brought together the business lines directly involved in the upstream transport process, as well as the related business lines.