1st edition of the Femtech market barometer for France (2023)

For the first year, Wavestone, in collaboration with the Femtech France association, has published its first barometer on the French women’s health market, based on a survey of 71 French Femtech start-ups.


The term “Femtech” refers to all innovative technologies, products and services dedicated to women’s health: connected objects, mobile applications, health software, educational platforms, etc. A dynamic market in the UK, the Femtech market is particularly mature in the USA, where there are already several unicorns.

A growing French market, but one that needs to accelerate to keep pace with international competition

While the Femtech market is growing rapidly worldwide, France, as well, is showing a certain dynamic. The Femtech France association is counting 115 start-ups in June 2023, compared with 80 in November 2022.

Map Femtech ENG

Methodology and approach

Data collection was done in 3 steps:

  • Mapping of the Femtech market ecosystem in France (incubators, institutions, mutual insurance companies, pharmaceutical laboratories, etc.)
  • Quantitative survey sent-out to 71 start-ups responded.
  • Qualitative interviews: selection of around 20 people for telephone interviews.

Key figures & main challenges

A total of 71 Femtech start-ups took part in the study, which enabled us to draw up a portrait of the French market in expansion and transformation.

Some key figures to keep in mind:

30.6 M€

cumulative revenue in 2022


sell in France and internationally. Start-ups with a primary market outside of France (17%) contributed to 60% of the cumulative revenue of 2022


of them aim for reimbursement by the French social security system


have a medical profile in their founding team