The current health and economic crisis is disrupting consumer behaviour and therefore the world of luxury. If the arrival of vaccination brings hope, the crisis has accelerated the transformation of the luxury market and has been the catalyst for a paradigm shift among our clients.

Convinced that innovation plays a key role in overcoming this crisis and for the future of luxury, Wavestone has chosen to analyse the French market of start-ups relevant to the luxury sector. Our Luxury Radar is composed of 74 start-ups, at the crossroads between business and technology.

It is based on qualitative interviews and in-depth studies of start-ups. The Luxury Radar identifies the challenges and trends in this market. We present start-ups offering technologically innovative solutions to the future challenges of luxury:

  • How can online customer experience, from augmented reality to clienteling, compete with in-store experience?
  • How can blockchain help address the issues of traceability and second-hand goods?
  • How can the expectations of Millennials and Gen Z be anticipated to ensure the desirability of luxury brands?
  • How can we ensure the sustainability of the new relationship and sales modes launched during the first lockdown?

Download the Luxury Start-ups Radar 2021:

Our methodology for identifying and selecting promising start-ups is based on the Forinov platform. The start-ups presented in this Radar are accessible there directly.

Forinov, the platform for innovation players, links start-ups, companies and partners (consultants, accelerators or investment funds...) and eases the meeting between the demand and the offer of innovative solutions.

For their contribution to the French luxury start-ups Radar 2021, special thanks to Jeanne Fisseau, and to Eva Weber, Marge Walschots, Alaa El Boudali and Amine El Amrani.