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6 Moves to Shore Up Vulnerabilities in Your Cyber Supply Chain

With a comprehensive C-SCRM program in place, you can protect your organization from the devastating effects of a supply chain attack. These are the key considerations to secure your cyber supply chain today.

The benefits of AI in making effective promotion plans

In a context where reactivity, service quality and costs are paramount, companies are increasingly turning to digital supply chain to find solutions that meet their requirements.

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain: State of the Art & 2020 Radar

This year, Wavestone partners with France Supply Chain to present the 2020 radar of AI applied to Supply Chain.

supply chain sortie crise

The Supply Chain post-crisis: three key trends and a big dilemma

In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis it may seem unwise to attempt to provide trends on what will happen to the supply chain in the coming months. Let’s risk it anyway with a little perspective and a lot of humility. Find in this article our point of view on the future trends in the short and medium/long term in supply chain following the crisis.


Emerging warehousing robotization solutions

Find out here the first Emerging warehousing solutions radar focused on robotization presented by Metis Consulting – Wavestone.

Artificial Intelligence as a solution to your complex issues in IT Operations

How can artificial intelligence transform IT Operations and what are the key success factors to maximize your return on investment?

S&OP Supply chain planning

The impact of S&OP on company performance

How can you guarantee sufficient supply or production for what you plan to sell? This is a question that all companies…

Lean warehousing

Lean warehousing, or how warehouses are coming up to scratch by motivating their personnel

Constant changes in strategy and a lack of appropriate management tools have led to underperforming supply chain and operations…