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5 Must-Haves for a Successful GenAI Implementation

Without a strategic compass, your GenIA journey could end where it began. Master the 5 essentials for a successful implementation.

Trends and Challenges in Identity & Access Management: Will 2024 be the year of identity-first?

Discover the The trends that will impact the IAM landscape as enterprises endeavour to find solutions that optimise user experience and cybersecurity, whilst also factoring in efficiency and cost optimisation.

AIOps: The Secret Engine Behind Next-Gen IT Performance

Explore the secret engine behind next-gen IT performance with a deep dive into AI Ops

Second-Hand: An Expanding Market for 2024

With an annual growth rate of +22%, the second-hand market is still the talk of the town. This new market study, conducted by Tripartie in partnership with Wavestone, provides the keys to understanding and mastering this booming phenomenon.

Business Executive Confidence in New Technologies Barometer

Barometer: business executive confidence in new technologies

Wavestone has teamed up with Viva Technology to launch the first barometer, conducted by OpinionWay, on business confidence in tech in France, Germany, the UK and the US.

AI Act: Keys to Understanding and Implementing the European Law on Artificial Intelligence

Does your company use or plan to use artificial intelligence? Make sure to comply with the new AI law: the AI Act.

How to deliver effective change

This insight paper explores the common challenges experienced across a range of roles, outlines strategies for solving and overcoming them, and provides real-life examples of how Wavestone has helped our clients deliver Change