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Cycle Vie IoT Vignette

Connected Device Life Cycle: How does it impact the viability of IoT projects?

Many companies today see the Internet of Things as a new way to transform their business, create service offerings, increase operational performance, or adapt to new regulations. This publication aims to provide the answers to enable successful IoT scaling.

Master Data, a lever to reach excellence?

Master Data management has never been more strategic than it is in today’s digital era. However, Master Data’s governance is a complex and transversal subject, which requires important cultural, organizational and technical transformations.

Blockchain and healthcare delivery

How can blockchain improve healthcare delivery ?

It is an exciting time for delivery of healthcare due to the surge of blockchain. Blockchain is a technology of storage and transmission of information.

Asset management and the digital transition: making sense of it all

Asset management and the digital transition: making sense of it all

Whether you work for a transport company, an energy supplier, a large industrial group, or an SME, industrial asset management can significantly improve your company’s competitiveness.

Digitizing healthcare: a key pillar for a sustainable healthcare system in Africa?

The global pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a revolution, how is Africa affected by this new dynamic? This article shows the importance of digitalization.

Pharmaceutical laboratory

How do strategic alliances help pharmaceutical companies to strengthen their position?

A strategic alliance is a cooperation that is of strategic importance for the companies involved. Generally bilateral, they are limited to a specific scope and project.

Connected cars

Connected cars: a revolution destined to favor long-standing carmakers?

For several years now, carmakers have seen the emergence of, and sharp rise in, consumer demand for digital connectivity and associated functions in their automobiles.

Biosimilars are all the rage

Biosimilars are all the rage, but how do they compare to Generics?

Biosimilars are new drugs present in the pharmaceutical industry, what are the main difference with generics and how is this market evolving?