Discover key findings on the state of data and analytics and where your organization stands among your peers.

We interviewed data executives at 116 diverse Fortune 1000 organizations. 85% held the CDO/CDAO title. We asked about the state of data in their organizations and their opinions on the evolution to being a data-driven business. We also queried their thoughts about their roles and departmental evolution.

One thing is certain – companies are still struggling to maximize business value from their data and analytics investments.

Our 11th edition special report answers central questions about the state of data and analytics among your peers. Download the report and discover:

  • Where CDOs are making their investments in 2023
  • What obstacles they believe thwart the adoption of data-driven thinking corporate-wideStrategic use of proven data loss prevention tools
  • Their thoughts on the state of “data ethics”
  • Hierarchy shifts that affect where the CDO fits into the Executive Leadership structure

Tap the collective wisdom of your colleagues. Learn about the challenges facing data and analytics capability development and the road to progress.