Data is at the heart of supply chain managers’ concerns, and that’s nothing new. What has changed is that new types of data are emerging that need to be controlled (e.g. CO2, social networks, etc.), while at the same time the challenge of managing data repositories and transactional data remains:
– is a good governance in place?
– is the data of the right quality?
– is the data available for a reliable and secure use?

Various solutions exist (e.g. MDM, RPA, Data Lake, Data Catalog, etc.). But this is no longer enough for the supply chain. Data is becoming richer and richer, and is becoming an essential catalyst if we move towards circular supply chains that meet the challenges of performance and decarbonization.

This whitepaper, based on a survey carried out by France Supply Chain among various players, and supplemented by concrete feedbacks, first looks at the challenges involved in good supply chain data management. It then proposes solutions to address these challenges. Finally, the working group (France Supply Chain, GS1 France and Wavestone) has identified the measures needed to go even further.

For their contribution to this whitepaper, special thanks to Elisabeth CARREAU GASCHEREAU, Maylis DU ROSTU & Jules CORON.