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FSC Transport

Digital solutions for my transport operations

Built in partnership with France Supply Chain’s Lab Digital & Technologies, this whitepaper has been designed as a guide, taking you through the complex landscape of transportation digitalization.

automative cybersecurity

Automotive Cybersecurity: Cars Under Attack

In the automotive industry, new regulations will trigger a major transformation of car manufacturer’s core activities, from car engineering to connected services, and cybersecurity will become a key requirement for future vehicle type approval.

Wavestone x VivaTech

Pour cette quatrième édition, VivaTech s’était donné le défi de faire les choses en grand, et c’est un pari réussi ! Wavestone était présent sur le salon, pour la 3ème année consécutive, en tant que sponsor des espaces presses.

The mobility of the future: an exhilarating ecosystem

When we think of “mobility”, and more specifically new mobilities, the first means that stand out are bicycles, scooters —both manual and electric— free-floating rental schemes, and micro-mobility in general.

Electric vehicles: how to win over customers?

The electrification of vehicle ownership envisaged by France’s Multi-Year Energy Program appears less a gradual evolution and more a genuine challenge.

The consequences of the rise of low cost for airports

The consequences of the rise of low cost for airports

Long-haul, low-cost traffic appears to have really taken off in 2018, with the arrival of new players on the scene and a proliferation of routes.

Startups and mobility

How are startups shaping the future of road mobility?

Are there new startups that will revolutionize road passenger transport? To answer this, Wavestone studied 421 startups associated with on-road mobility.

Paris JO 2024

Paris 2024 : toward the construction of an end-to-end passenger experience in Paris

The #Paris2024 event is the best opportunity to build a complete Parisian travel experience with all the actors.