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VDI: An option to lowering your businesses digital waste?

A single laptop can result in a carbon footprint of around 300 kgCO2 emissions over it’s lifespan (calculated by Boavizta data), during which energy required to process and perform those operations is generated mostly by fossil fuels. The emissions produced during the manufacturing of the device make up a significant proportion of the total footprint, which can be reduced by up to 98% by using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Women’s Forum Portraits 2023

We have created portraits of speakers with varied profiles and messages, from both international institutions and partner companies, in the logical continuation of the thread dedicated to education.

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Banking Practices in the EU: Shaping the Future of Finance

Over the last few years, Europe has become a global leader in Sustainable Banking. The European financial industry, led by the European Union (EU), is at the forefront in integrating sustainability into its investments, operations and regulatory frameworks, with a growing emphasis on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Reduce the environmental impact of cybersecurity: where do I start?

Measure your cybersecurity ecological footprint! Download the “Cyber Sustainability” assessment tool and create your own action plan.

Sustainability: Cybersecurity has a role to play

Embrace cyber sustainability — reduce your IT’s environmental impact without compromising your cybersecurity.

Green SC 2023

Green Supply Chain Radar 2023

This 2nd edition of the Green Supply Chain radar, produced in conjunction with France Supply Chain, is part of a process of transformation for companies, and aims to help them by offering a scan of the solutions available on the market that can be integrated into their Supply Chain.

Does the ecological transition really need Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise, but can it be the link between digital and sustainable transformation?