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Second-Hand: An Expanding Market for 2024

With an annual growth rate of +22%, the second-hand market is still the talk of the town. This new market study, conducted by Tripartie in partnership with Wavestone, provides the keys to understanding and mastering this booming phenomenon.

Why and how to modernize your 1-to-1 client relationship in the luxury sector?

In the luxury sector, cultivating customer loyalty is key. But as global shifts and technological advances redefine consumer expectations, sales advisors must evolve to meet the demands of an ever-changing clientele.

Luxury Seconhand Radar 2024

Radar 2024 of startups in the second-hand luxury market

Wavestone presents the first edition of the radar focused on the startups with an expertise in the second-hand industry to accompany you with our implementation expertise and their innovative technologies in adoption of second-hand business model.

Luxury Goods Sector, Metaverse and Web 3.0: will 2023 see a revolution in customer loyalty and experience?

In recent weeks, metavers and Web 3.0 seem to have drawn less positive press, which could lead the luxury sector to remain cautious in 2023.

Second-hand : a blooming market in 2023

In a context of changing consumption patterns, the global second-hand market is growing by 22% compared to 2020. This is what the recent study carried out by Tripartie in partnership with Wavestone reveals.

French luxury start-ups Radar 2021

The French Luxury Start-ups Radar 2021 presents start-ups, at the crossroads between business and technology, that offer technologically innovative solutions and meet the challenges and trends of the current market.