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Transport Emission SC

VDI: An option to lowering your businesses digital waste?

A single laptop can result in a carbon footprint of around 300 kgCO2 emissions over it’s lifespan (calculated by Boavizta data), during which energy required to process and perform those operations is generated mostly by fossil fuels. The emissions produced during the manufacturing of the device make up a significant proportion of the total footprint, which can be reduced by up to 98% by using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Green SC 2023

Green Supply Chain Radar 2023

This 2nd edition of the Green Supply Chain radar, produced in conjunction with France Supply Chain, is part of a process of transformation for companies, and aims to help them by offering a scan of the solutions available on the market that can be integrated into their Supply Chain.

Navigating Complex Procurement: 5 Challenges and Best Practices

Effective procurement drives efficiency, cost savings, and supply chain reliability, and comes with its fair share of complex challenges. Overcoming them requires a multifaceted approach integrating strategic thinking, innovative solutions, collaboration, and proactive risk management. Read our blog for a detailed examination of 5 major procurement challenges and top-line strategies for success.

Quick Win Automation

Optimization of logistics sites: Which quick wins with automation?

For anyone wishing to stagger their logistics site optimization project over time, reduce risk-taking and prioritize quick-impact projects: this guide is for you!

Does GenAI optimize Supply Chain performance?

Considered a real game changer in the Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence will not be widely used in the sector for another five to ten years. That was without counting on the arrival of ChatGPT.

FSC Transport

Digital solutions for my transport operations

Built in partnership with France Supply Chain’s Lab Digital & Technologies, this whitepaper has been designed as a guide, taking you through the complex landscape of transportation digitalization.

FSC Data

Data x Supply Chain: new paradigms

In this white paper, co-written with France Supply Chain, discover the new issues surrounding Supply Chain and Data.

image of people reviewing work on paper

Value breakdown structure in Agile

Is the work breakdown structure incompatible with Agile? Should you focus more on a value breakdown structure instead? Read on to find out.