In response to the increasing necessity to address the challenges of gender equality, the 17th edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting took place on November 29th and 30th, 2022 at Palais Brongniart in Paris. It brought together over a thousand people around the theme: “Time to Act“.

As a partner since 2017, we are pleased to highlight the key messages of this edition, which we invite you to discover by downloading our publication.

Time to Act

It is indeed time to act for gender equality and break the glass ceiling once and for all.

Throughout the two days, many international actors and leaders spoke on key issues of the post-covid society, from the climate crisis to recent setbacks in women’s rights.







They shared their insights and promoted inclusive and equitable solutions, with a focus on 4 key areas: climate, health, empowerment and peace.

The Women’s Forum’s vision is to build a fairer, more inclusive world, where women’s voices are heard, in the same way as men’s, in the political, economic and public spheres.

During this edition, the focus was on concrete actions to act on major issues such as:

The fight against climate change is a no brainer. Our challenge in Europe, with the energy crisis, is the security of supply and affordability, however, it comes hand in hand with a sustainable energy. Let’s not oppose the two.

Charlotte Roule, CEO, Engie

Bias on age in the workplace is crucial to address. We need to debias in recruiting and career management.

Karima Silvent, Global HRD, AXA

Mental health is the fourth topic young people at work are most worried about, with nearly half reporting regularly feeling anxious at work.

Emma Codd, Global Inclusion Leader & Partner, Deloitte

We have to accompany and support girls from primary school to get the digital world easier to access.

Frédérique Le Grevès, President & CEO STMicroelectronics France

In a post war environment, we see the reinforcement of gender inequality, gender violence becomes normalized because those issues were not addressed at the beginning.

Siyabulela Mandela, Regional Project Manager, Journalists for Human Rights (JHR)

We mobilized a multi-office and multi-practice team: France, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.

Thanks to Daniel Verschaere, Hélène Cambournac, Florence Noizet, Pauline Fognini, Lola Lange, Stuart Riley, Marlena Zakrzewska Millard, Hajare Alaoui, Emma Barfety, Camille Bertrand, Elizabeth Bricout, Ieuan Cleghorn, Allegra Crahay, Julien Fernandez, Fanny Elsa Guien, Ourquia Kamagate, Francesca Kempster, Anaëlle Maître, Aurélie Mbianda, Jeanne Menage, Emma Ndefo Kengne, Juliette Perrot, Alix Robinne, and Laure Rondepierre.

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